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Here are just a few testimonials from our customers:

I have used the services of Mike Fauser Plumbing for over three years for my rental units and for my personal home. I have retained his services this long because he is dependable in his service and reasonable in his rates. Whenever I have to use his services, I know the job will be done quickly and thoroughly. The service technician always explains the work needed to be done in plain terms and I never have to worry about the quality of the services performed. If you want quality plumbing done right for an honest value, don’t hesitate to call Mike Fauser Plumbing!

John P

In June, I had Mike Fauser Plumbing out to replace a bathtub faucet. The service technician noticed my hot water heater popping and cracking.

He asked if I had noticed a reduction in the amount of hot water and when I said yes, he inspected the unit and recommended a deliming to make the unit run more efficiently. I live in an area with extremely hard water and the technician explained this would get my heater running in top condition again, and prolong the life of my heater. Since I've had the unit delimed I have returned to as much hot water as the day the unit was installed

I'm convinced this basic maintenance, and the minimal extra cost saved me a much larger bill down the road to have the water heater replaced.

I truly appreciate the extra time and attention they provided during the service call, and I would highly recommend them.

Melissa R

We recently contacted Mike Fauser Plumbing for an estimate to replace our current water heater which was failing miserably in keeping up with the hot water demands of our family of six. He gave me an estimate for the traditional AOSmith brand gas water heater, but also suggested I consider a Navien Tankless Water heater for constant on-demand hot water. The initial investment was a bit more than a traditional style water heater but the unit is paying for itself in it's added hot water efficiency.

We are completely satisfied and appreciate their recommendation.

Arlan J

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